Chronic fatigue program


Epworth’s chronic fatigue program is a patient and family-centred service that draws on the skills and resources of the multidisciplinary team of medical, nursing and allied health staff.

The initial point of contact following referral is a telephone review and appointment booking via the inpatient or outpatient coordinator as appropriate. Following admission each patient is assigned a case coordinator to assist in care planning and community liaison.


Inpatient program:


Rehabilitation admission is under the direct care of a physician with expertise in chronic fatigue and involves a structured daily program that includes hydrotherapy, physiotherapy-graded activity, exercise and rest, occupational therapy, patient and family review by a psychologist and/or social worker, dietician review and leisure therapy. 


Outpatient program:


Initially begins on a daily basis with a gradual decrease in session frequency as patient function and condition improves. Individual and group therapy sessions are offered, which assist in peer support but also help minimise waiting times for therapy. 


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