What to bring to hospital

We recommend you bring these items with you:

  • Book or light reading material for your time in the admissions lounge

  • Cardio card

  • Completed admissions forms if you faxed or emailed them to us, or if you have not provided them

  • Current x-rays, scans and pathology results

  • Eligible pharmacy or government entitlement discount cards (ie. safety net card)

  • Glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids if you have them (and a case to safety store them in)

  • Medications (see the coming to hospital page for more information)

  • Paediatric patients (babies and children) being admitted may need bottles, any special fluids or formula

  • Patients staying overnight or longer will also need to bring a number of things for their hospital stay including:
    Dressing gown
    Toiletries (including soap)

  • Physical aides such as crutches/walking aides (please label them with your name)

What to wear

Wear loose comfortable clothing and sensible shoes. Do not wear makeup, jewellery or body piercings of any kind. All nail polish, acrylics and Shellac must also be removed before your admission as they interfere with our ability to monitor you effectively during your treatment.



Further admission information