Epworth HealthCare has donated 40 wheelchairs to a hospital in Fiji, after Epworth Richmond replaced existing wheelchairs with new Stryker wheelchairs.

Allison Evans, Executive General Manager, Epworth Richmond, said they were keen to ensure the superseded equipment was put to good use.

“Now, we have our new fleet of Stryker chairs, we don't need to hold on to the existing wheelchairs,” Ms Evans said.

“We looked for options to repurpose this equipment to help other patients who might need them.”

Richmond-based charity The Marsh Foundation provides support to health organisations across Asia.

Over the years Epworth Richmond, Epworth Camberwell and Epworth Brighton have made similar donations of redundant hospital equipment to The Marsh Foundation for distribution free of charge to hospitals in South East Asia.

Simon Wheelton, Logistics Director of The Marsh Foundation said the current donation will help patients in Fiji.

“It will make a fantastic difference, especially since the natural disasters happened over there,” Mr Wheelton said.

“Their hospitals and outpatient services are desperately in need of this sort of equipment – wheelchairs are urgently required.”

The Marsh Foundation and Rotary Donations In Kind worked together to coordinate shipping the equipment.