Visitor update - Monday, 28 September 2020

Visiting hours have now changed.

We welcome ONE visitor per patient per day for a maximum of TWO hours, who must be immediate family, next of kin or a carer and over 16 years of age.

The two hour limit does not apply to essential caregivers or for special circumstances (visiting palliative care or children who are patients). There are also special conditions for maternity.

Visiting times are as follows:

  • Epworth Richmond: 10am-1pm OR 4pm-7pm
  • Epworth Freemasons: 10am-1pm OR 4pm-7pm
  • Epworth Geelong: 10am-1pm OR 4pm-7pm
  • Epworth Eastern Kew: No visitors
  • Epworth Eastern:
    • 10am-12pm OR 4pm-6pm (Ward 2 North and CCU)
    • 10am-12pm OR 4pm-6pm (Ward 4 North)
    • 11am-1pm OR 5pm-7pm (Wards 5 North and 5 South)

Visitors to rehabilitation and mental health patients:

  • Epworth Brighton: 4-7pm
  • Epworth Camberwell: 4-7pm
  • Epworth Hawthorn: 4-7pm
  • Epworth Richmond: 4-7pm

Patients in intensive care, renal dialysis or oncology units are not able to receive visitors except for special circumstances or compassionate reasons. This also applies to COVID-19 positive patients, or those awaiting test results. We may apply additional restrictions at the discretion of clinical care employees at sites.

For everyone's safety, visitors to our sites are required to have their temperature checked upon entry, wear a hospital-supplied mask and complete an attestation declaring they do not have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Wearing masks

  • Anyone entering our sites are asked to wear a mask upon arrival.
  • Patients who are already in our hospitals will wear masks based on clinical circumstances.
  • Patients and visitors must change into a hospital provided mask when entering the hospital.

See our guide to putting on and removing a surgical mask - How to wear your surgical mask (PDF, 2MB)

New online forms for collecting visitor information

Visitor contact information can now be collected via an online form.

Upon arrival, permitted visitors will scan a QR code or type a short URL into their browsers, using a mobile phone.

This will assist with contact tracing (if required) and also speed up entry. Paper-based visitor contact sheets will continue to be available.

Epworth will only disclose visitor personal information in line with our privacy policy, in this case, when required for contact tracing purposes.

Maternity patient visitors

For your safety and that of your baby, we are unable to allow visitors into our maternity unit, with the exception of a patient’s partner or support person.

Read more information for maternity patients

Maternity patients and their partner or support person require COVID-19 swabbing prior to admission. Once you’ve had your swab, you and your partner or support person will need to self-isolate until you are admitted to hospital.

Only your partner or support person may enter our maternity unit, which unfortunately means siblings are not allowed in. We encourage you to use video calls to keep in touch and introduce your new baby to loved ones.

Partners or support people are not permitted if they have a fever, cough, sore throat, breathing difficulties or wheezing, headache or any other signs of respiratory infection.

All other visitors

  • General access is not permitted.
  • If you have an appointment, please go directly to the location.
  • You will be requested to wear a mask upon arrival
  • ALL contractors and suppliers must sign in before entering hospital.

Hand hygiene stations are placed throughout the hospital. Please clean your hands as you enter and leave.

You will not be permitted to enter our hospitals or sites:

If you have travelled in the past 14 days.

If you are experiencing:

  • fever
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • breathing difficulties or wheezing
  • headache and/or
  • any other signs of respiratory infection.

If you have any symptoms, however mild, you should seek advice and get tested.

For more information about COVID-19 and testing, see the: Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.