Caring for people. Innovating for a healthy community.
Dr Lachlan Henderson
Group Chief Executive

It is important that Epworth is responsive to the changing landscape of healthcare and the community, including:

  • a population that is growing, ageing and developing
  • an emphasis on quality and safety
  • more broadly supporting people in their health and well-being
  • catering for those seeking care designed around their needs and choices
  • the value people place on private health insurance

As a leading not-for-profit healthcare provider, we have given deep consideration to how Epworth can have a positive and meaningful health impact for our patients and community. Epworth is fortunate that our people constantly bring ideas and opportunities to enhance the patient experience and champion improvements in our services. This energy for innovation in care is highly valued. Our people have contributed to reflect this through our statement of purpose.

Every patient matters. We strive to improve health outcomes and experience through compassion, collaboration, learning and innovation.
Dr Lachlan Henderson
Group Chief Executive

Our future success demands new thinking, enhanced care models and innovative approaches. Our strategic intent is expressed through four pillars – connected care, empowered people, innovative practice and sustainability – enabling us to respond to continuous change with agility and focus.

Epworth strategic pillars

We are committed to achieving our vision through a strategic program of work within each pillar with clear goals. Our aim is to provide an outstanding experience and to achieve the best health outcomes for our patients as well as to inform and enable health in our community.

The strategy has been informed by extensive engagement with our people, our Board and external stakeholders. These include our Visiting Medical Officers, patient representatives, donors, volunteers, health sector leaders, funders and providers, and experts from the technology, academia, infrastructure and financial sectors.