Cleveland Clinic

Our affiliation with renowned US teaching hospital, Cleveland Clinic, provides an opportunity for Epworth to expose Australian Registrars and Fellows to international training experiences for the benefit of patients and research.

Under this affiliation an extensive fellowship program has been developed in the areas of:

  • Clinical practice
  • Research
  • Benchmarking performance on various aspects of operations
  • Enhanced education programs - including visiting lectureships - from key clinical leaders

About Cleveland Clinic

Located in Ohio USA, Cleveland Clinic is a not-for-profit, multi-specialty academic medical centre that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. Cleveland Clinic has led many major medical breakthroughs and its physicians and researchers continue to make life-changing discoveries in many areas, including cancer, heart disease, Parkinson's Disease and stroke. It has a long history of training physicians from across the globe and supporting their return home to practice.

Northwell Health

Our affiliation with Northwell Health in New York provides opportunities to enhance medical education, including physician leadership development, innovations in residency training, joint internship programs and interdisciplinary training.

Northwell Health is a national healthcare leader, committed to excellence, compassion and improving the health of the community. With 61,000 employees, Northwell is the 14th largest healthcare system in the United States and their services span across 21 university and community hospitals.

Best practices in emergency management and disaster preparedness are shared between the two organisations, along with the development of infection control protocols. Opportunities to partner for translational research related to patient outcomes and experiences are also explored.

Epworth HealthCare and Northwell Health cover a broad range of mutual goals together, in areas such as staff education, quality and safety, sharing best practice opportunities, commercialisation of health innovation, organisational development and translational research.

Epworth staff also benefit from the opportunity to travel to Northwell to learn from some of the leading healthcare professionals in the US, as part of a scholarship program. The alliance between Epworth and Northwell also creates pathways for the sharing of information on the complete employee lifecycle; enabling further growth in staff engagement, workplace culture, performance management and safety initiatives.

Australian Private Hospitals Association

Epworth has been a member of the Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) for more than a decade. APHA is the peak industry body for private hospitals and day surgeries in Australia. APHA works to ensure that Australians are empowered with personal choice and rapid access to affordable hospital care of the highest quality. APHA champions the cause of private hospitals in delivering the best in hospital care to patients. Member hospitals have a strong commitment to quality services, ethical conduct and professional healthcare standards.

Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare in Australia through continual review of performance, assessment and accreditation.

ACHS accreditation recognises Epworth's ability to demonstrate 'significant achievements and improvements in relation to contemporary healthcare standards'.

Universities and TAFEs

Epworth is expanding its role in the education of health professionals with more than 1,000 students placed from 14 universities and colleges. Our partnerships with a number of Victorian universities and TAFEs, alongside funding through a number of government grants, will further increase our capacity to train medical, nursing and allied health students.

Australian College of Nursing (ACN)

Whether you are an undergraduate student or an experienced nursing superstar, ACN is there to support you and help you stay informed, connected and inspired. ACN supports nurses to be fully equipped for the challenges and expectations they face in today’s health care environment, no matter where you are at in your career, every step of the way.

Deakin University School of Nursing and Midwifery

Ranked in the top 1% of universities globally, the School of Nursing and Midwifery is renowned for its facilities, research and teaching excellence. Thr courses are developed in consultation with healthcare partners such as Epworth Healthcare, ensuring students are always connected to those at the forefront of industry.


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