Event details:

Title: Nocturia and Urinary Incontinence – How to assess and manage
Presenters / Topic: Presented by Mr Peter Wong & Mr Bradley Newell, Urologists; Epworth Eastern
Date: Wednesday 02 February 2022
Time: 7.00pm – 8.15pm
Where: Zoom Webinar- dial in from your PC/laptop/mobile phone/tablet
Program: Presentation and Q&A


This GP education webinar is hosted by Epworth Healthcare. Our speakers are based at Epworth Eastern.

Incontinence affects 1 in 4 Australians and is expected to increase over time with an ageing population. It has significant impacts on physical, mental and social health as well as having economic burdens such as healthcare costs, carer or supervisor costs as well as affecting an individual’s overall quality of life. There are multiple types of incontinence, and this webinar will specifically discuss Nocturia and Urinary Incontinence.

This webinar aims to go through the aetiology and different treatment options available for incontinence patients as well as discussing the importance of accurate diagnosis. Mr Peter Wong and Mr Brad Newell, (Urologists) will go through different case studies and approaches and offer their insights into the management of these conditions.

The presentation will include the opportunity for panel Q&A.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the types of nocturia and their aetiology.
  • Understand how to clinically evaluate nocturia and the importance of correct classification for effective management and treatment outcomes.
  • Be able to define and understand the 3 main types of urinary incontinence
  • Understand the role of lifestyle, pharmacological and surgical treatment options for urinary incontinence.  


  • 2 CPD Activity points

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