How we plan your care with you

We encourage our patients to become partners in their own care. We know care that involves your needs and preferences lead to better health outcomes and a better experience. This means you will receive information in a way that you can understand, to ensure you can make an informed decision about your treatment and care.

Top tips

These top tips are designed to help you, your family, or someone you care for get the most out of their healthcare. They have been developed by the Australian Commission Safety and Quality in Healthcare in partnership with consumers.

Tip 1 - Ask questions

You have the right to ask questions about your care.

Tip 2 - Find good information

Not all information is reliable. Ask your doctor for guidance.

Tip 3 - Understand the risks and benefits

Find out about your tests and treatments before they happen.

Tip 4 - Keep a list of all your medicines

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you need more information about the medicines you are taking. 

Tip 5 - Confirm details of your operation beforehand

Ask to be told who will be doing your operation or procedure and what will happen to you. 

Tip 6 - Ask about your care when you leave hospital 

Ask for a written outline of your treatment and what should happen after you get home 

Tip 7 - Know your rights and responsibilities 

You have a number of rights and responsibilities as a patient.

Tip 8 - Understand privacy

Your medical information is confidential. You can ask to see your medical record.

Tip 9 - Give feedback

Feedback helps health professionals spot when improvements can be made. 

For further information, refer to the Top Tips Booklet from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. 

You can use information from the booklet when you talk to your doctor and other healthcare providers, including nurses, pharmacists, specialists, allied health and mental health workers.

The Commission has translated the Top Tips for Safe Healthcare into 15 community languages, which can be found here. 

Question builder

Question Builder is a free online tool to help you think about the questions you might like to ask your doctor, and to prepare for questions they may ask you when you go to an appointment.