With extensive executive experience in the healthcare industry, Kate Gillan joined Epworth Healthcare as the Executive Director of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Officer in May 2021. Kate has Epworth wide responsibility for Quality & Safety, Patient Experience, Education and Learning, Research and the professional oversight of Nursing & Midwifery talent.

Prior to joining Epworth, Kate led the amalgamation of two health services as CEO, creating a new entity known as Great Ocean Road Health. She has also held Chief Nurse positions in both public and private sector leading transformational change in these roles.

Kate is an Adjunct Professor at the Deakin School of Nursing and has had a primary relationship with the Professor of Nursing role previously in the public sector and now at Epworth.

Kate supports the professional development of nurses and midwives throughout their careers, and strongly believes they make a substantial difference to patient experience and outcomes.


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