Have you ever thought about becoming an organ donor? Here’s 10 reasons why you should!

1. Organ donation saves lives

In 2014, 378 organ donors gave 1,117 Australians a new chance in life. By registering to donate your organs, you could directly affect the life of someone in your community.

2. Organ donation can change the lives of up to 10 people

It’s not just organs like your heart and kidneys that can be used when you become an organ donor, it’s also things like bones, tendons and ligaments. Each donation can be used to dramatically change and improve the lives of several people.

3. Donation can significantly improve someone's quality of life

For someone who’s kidney has failed, having a transplant can mean that they could go from having dialysis 3 times a week to going back to a relatively normal, healthy life.

4. Almost anyone can become an organ donor

Unlike donating blood, almost anyone can become an organ donor. People shouldn’t assume that they’re too old or too young or not healthy enough, because it’s highly likely that at least some of your organs and tissues will be eligible for donation.

5. It's easy to register

To register to become an organ donor, all you have to do is discuss the decision with your family and then register your details on the Australian Organ Donor Register. Just remember, discussing your decision with your family is really important because a deceased person’s next of kin will be asked to provide consent even if you are registered to donate.

6. Donation will reduce waiting time for those on transplant lists

In Australia today, around 1600 people are on the transplant waiting list. For those in need of a liver transplant, they could be waiting up to one year and those in need of a kidney could be waiting almost three years. By signing up to become an organ donor, you’ll be helping to reduce the waiting time for people in need.

7. Organ donation does not have any effect on post death rituals

Donating your organs will not mean that there will be any delay on funeral plans and those who donate will still be able to have an open casket funeral if they wish to do so.

8. There is no cost involved in organ donation

Once deceased, a person’s family will not have to bear the costs of any organ donation procedures.

9. You can directly change the life of someone you know

Did you know that you can also become a living donor? In some cases, kidney or liver transplants can come from a living donor, usually that of a family member or friend.

10. You'll feel good

Knowing that you can change someone’s life even after you’re gone is something to be proud of! To find out more about kidney donation.

30 October 2018