Growing and birthing a baby is a momentous task. Your body has shifted, stretched and changed in many ways.

Immediately after you’ve given birth, your body starts healing. After childbirth most mothers feel like they’ve run a double marathon. Your uterus will quickly start to shrink and your organs will return to their normal location.

At the same time, your body surges with hormones. It can be overwhelming, but your body is setting you up to feed and nurture your baby as well as adjust to life after pregnancy and birth.

Whether you’ve had a vaginal or a cesarean birth, you’ll be tender and it’s important that you take care of the birth area. Pat the area dry after a shower and be aware of any signs of infection.

Apply ice packs wrapped in a soft gauze to ease any discomfort around your perineum. This also helps to reduce swelling and tenderness.

It can be hard to get your bowels moving straight after birth. Stay hydrated and eat high fibre foods to ease discomfort. You may also like to consider a mild laxative.

Many women experience nipple tenderness and swollen breasts in the early days, but this should settle down.

It’s vital that you look after yourself, as well as your beautiful new baby.

With a few simple steps like, good food, plenty of water, and as much rest as you can, it can make your recovery go a lot easier.

With a vaginal delivery, try to lie on your side to prevent any pressure on your bottom area. If you’re sore or uncomfortable, lay in any position that is comfortable for you.

If you’ve had a cesarean section, placing a pad over your wound will prevent any pressure from your undies or pants leaning in that area.

09 December 2019


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