As a new mum, you are going to be flooded with gorgeous gifts. Perfect little onesies...bibs, bibs and more bibs...gadgets you've never seen or will ever use (hello electric nappy bin, I'm looking at you).

But I'm here to tell you, there are 5 things you really need to put on your wish list...and they’re probably not what you imagined you’d need!

1 - An electric breast pump

If you’re planning to breastfeed, you might find these beauties very handy. If you're wondering whether to go for manual or electric, go electric. When you're sleep deprived and emotional the last thing you want to be doing is squeezing your own machine. Industrial sized pumps can also be hired from some chemists and hospitals. For more information about pumping please speak with an Epworth Lactation Consultant.

2 - SRC recovery shorts

I really wish I'd known about these after my first baby, but alas I didn't. These shorts will support you and your abdominal muscles into recovery post birth and are great for both natural and c-section labours. There are lots of other support garments on the market and if in doubt speak with your obstetrician.

3 - Pampering

You’ve just gone through the most physically and mentally enduring task your body has probably ever faced. Who wouldn’t like a bit of TLC? A voucher at a day spa or local hairdresser for some uninterrupted me time would certainly go down a treat. And that way you can use it at a time that best suits you and your new baby.

4 - Food, glorious food!

There are so many amazing food delivery services nowadays. Some will deliver meal plans complete with recipes and ingredients so that all you have to do is cook, otherwise there are plenty of pre-cooked meals available for you to heat and eat within 5 minutes. Alternatively, a supermarket voucher or UberEats gift card for home delivery would definitely come in handy. Every new mum is going to love the gift of food, including you!!

5 - Downtime

There’s only so many baby books a new mum can read, so why not spoil yourself with a magazine subscription? Alternatively, a voucher towards a streaming service like Netflix or Stan, to give yourself some downtime wouldn’t go astray either!

So there's my list of 'must-haves'....please feel free to send it to a loved one who might need a bit of gift giving guidance and for more information on Epworth’s services, head here.

11 October 2019