Is there anything nicer than receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers? Whether you’re visiting a friend who has just had a baby, a relative recovering from surgery, or a loved one on the mend from illness, flowers can really brighten a day.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, when it comes to picking the right blooms. We’ve put together a little guide, which will take the stress out of buying your flowers.

Given the receiver is in hospital it’s a wise choice to stay away from flowers that can cause an allergic reaction. Buds which contain pollen on the inside such as roses, carnations and chrysanthemums are a great choice, unlike lilies (which are banned at all Epworth hospitals) because the pollen is exposed. If in doubt, please speak with your chosen florist as they will be able to advise you on the best low allergen choice.

Certain departments in hospitals, also have a no flower rule. ICU, burns units and some maternity wards do not accept flowers. Please check with the hospital you are visiting, before you purchase your arrangement.


Buying or sending flowers that are already arranged in their own vase, is a lovely touch. Many online florists such as Lvly offer blooms in a glass jar of various sizes, making the arrangement easy to transport if the receiver decides to bring the flowers home with them.

Speaking of online florists, the choices are endless nowadays. Many will travel and deliver to inner city suburbs at no extra cost. Daily Blooms will deliver a bunch of market fresh flowers across Melbourne and Geelong for as little as $40. The Little Market Bunch includes free delivery with their flowers, with their arrangements updated daily.


If you’d like to pick your own bunch of blooms in person before heading in to see your loved ones, there are plenty of options nearby our hospitals.

Ngenious Floriade is conveniently located inside of Epworth Richmond (34 Erin St). They offer a range of freshly cut flowers in-store daily, are open 365 days of the year and can deliver to Epworth Richmond, Epworth Eastern, Epworth Freemasons and Epworth Camberwell.

Hampstead Flowers in Richmond (74 Bridge road) offers a posy of flowers from $40, with the option of adding a candle or box of chocolates for an additional cost. They are located opposite Epworth Richmond.

Scent of a Flower in Fitzroy (135-137 Victoria Pde) is a short drive from Epworth Freemasons. They not only offer beautiful arrangements but gifts such as balloons and soft toys.

Flower Bowl in Geelong (Ormond Road, East Geelong) has the gorgeous option of a vase of flowers and a baby rattle, for new mums, at the cost of $50. And they deliver daily to Epworth Geelong.

Flower care

If you happen to be the lucky recipient of one of these arrangements, you can lengthen the life of your blooms, just by following a few simple tips.

  • Cut the stems on an angle. This allows the flowers to stay extra hydrated
  • Prune all leaves below vase/jar level, it’ll let your flowers bloom fully and avoid bacterial rot in your vase
  • Fill your jar with room temperature water and refresh every few days
  • Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and away from heating and cooling ducts to avoid drying out

Lastly, if you’re still in doubt a gorgeous house plant is also a delightful gift. Durable, low pollen and easy to transport, it’s just as likely to put a smile on a patient’s face!

15 October 2019


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