Your body goes through so many changes while you’re pregnant. There are many kinds of aches and pains which are caused by muscles stretching and your uterus becoming heavier.

Try and get 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days of the week.

If there are medical or obstetric complications, activity should be discussed with your doctor or physiotherapist.

Good types of activities while you’re pregnant include: walking, static cycling, clinical Pilates, swimming, gentle resistance training and water aerobics.

You should avoid high intensity activities, so aim for no more than ‘somewhat hard’ as well as high impact exercise, lying on your back after approximately sixteen weeks, abdominal crunches or sit ups, and becoming overheated.

Ensure good hydration and breast support when exercising during pregnancy

Leg cramps and lower back pain are common, there are a few easy ways to help: keep gently active, even a daily walk will help ease aches and pains, sleep on your left side, not your tummy or your back, maintain your posture and use support pillows to support your back, if you need them.

Improve circulation in your ankles with rotation exercises, elevate your feet as often as you can, wear flat, supportive, and comfortable shoes.

Take a warm bath to relieve muscle pain and tension, but make sure it’s not too hot.

The cat/cow stretch can be done in repetitions three times a day, to improve spinal mobility. Remember to breathe normally and move within your range.

If you are experiencing severe pain, please make sure that you speak with your health professional.

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09 January 2020