With everything looking a little bit different this year, we understand many expecting mamas might be feeling disappointed that they’re missing out on baby showers to celebrate the arrival of a new addition to the family.

But here’s the tea - these special milestones don’t need to be thrown to the wayside, they simply need to relocate, and the new location happens to be Zoom, Skype, Messenger or FaceTime! For anyone throwing a baby shower in the near future, we’ve got some tips and tricks to make it just as memorable online.

Send out invitations

You can still send out physical invitations to your guests in the mail or send an e-invitation with a link to where the baby shower will be held. Canva has some beautiful invitation designs that you can customise and email or print yourself, while Paperless Post allows you to create e-invitations to be sent via email complete with animation for the full experience.

Gift registry online

With online shopping as popular and easy as it is today, there’s nothing to stop you from setting up your gift registry online. Beautiful stores such as Purebaby allow you to set up a registry in just a few clicks. You could include the details of the registry on your invitation, and even organise so the gifts are sent directly to mum to save double-handling.

Send mum a care package

In the lead up to the baby shower, all the guests might want to send mum-to-be a care package for the event filled with goodies for example balloons and decorations, some yummy snacks and baked goods and any gifts that haven’t already been delivered. You could drop this off at the doorstep the night before or morning of.

Party packs for guests

The shower host might want to send out ‘party packs’ for each of the guests, including anything required for the games and some party favours. These could be sent in the post, dropped off or they could be entirely virtual!

Play games

There are plenty of games that you can play over video call - which I’m sure many of us have already discovered in 2020! Here’s a few baby shower themed ideas to get you started.

Guess the baby pic

If you’re using Zoom, you can set any photo as your background picture. Everyone could be randomly assigned a member of the group’s baby photo to set as their background and throughout the shower, everyone has to guess who is in each baby pic! Have a prize for the winner at the end - perhaps an online gift voucher sent via email.

Guess the lollies in the jar

You can’t go wrong with guess the lollies in the jar, even when you're playing virtually. Give everyone some time to have a look and send their answer through to the host, with the winner to be announced at the very end.

Don’t say ‘baby’

Everyone has to try their best not to use the word ‘baby’. If you’re the first one to catch someone saying ‘baby’, you receive a point, while the person who says the word loses a point. Whoever ends up on the most points at the end of the day wins the prize.


The host asks a number of baby-related ‘trivia’ questions, for example ‘is baby a boy or a girl?’ ‘what will baby’s name be?’ ‘at which hospital is mum giving birth?’

Whoever gets the most questions right, wins the prize!

Words of wisdom from mums

All the mums in the group take it in turns to share their most important tips or words of wisdom with the expecting mum.

Letters for the new mum

Everyone writes a special letter for the mum-to-be, something they can cherish as a keepsake. These could be handwritten and posted or sent via email.

Name that tune

The host reads a section of a baby book to the tune of a completely different song and everyone has to guess what the song is.

We hope you have an amazing virtual baby shower and please feel free to share any photos, videos or other tips with us in our Facebook group.

20 April 2020


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