So the gyms are all closed and you’re starting to miss your yoga/ pilates/ spin/ HIIT class? We feel you!

But just because we’re all stuck indoors, doesn’t mean that we can’t be active. Continuing to get in your daily exercise is so important not only for your physical but also mental health. It can get you motivated for the day ahead, help break up your day when you’re working from home and can also be a great activity to do with the people you live with.

We’ve put together a list of amazing (and did we mention FREE) workouts you can do from the comfort of your make-shift exercise room at home.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club provides workouts, nutrition advice & expert help to keep you strong from home. You can join a community of living room athletes by downloading Nike Training Club from the App Store.

CorePlus Facebook Community

If you’re looking for pilates and yoga, look no further than CorePlus TV, with regularly scheduled live classes that you can join via their Facebook group. The instructors are upbeat and positive and the live workouts foster a sense of connection knowing that there are lots of other people out there doing the workout with you.

ClassPass Virtual Workouts

While all our favourite studios are closed, ClassPass is offering a huge variety of virtual workouts, with everything from barre and yoga to spin and HIIT classes. There are both audio and video workouts available and you can sign up online or via the app.

Love Athletica @ Home

Love Athletica is mostly known for reformer pilates classes but since most of us don’t have a reformer bed at home, they’re now offering live mat pilates workouts on Instagram. They’re only around 20 minutes which is great for your lunch break or pre-dinner workout and wow - they burn!

PE with Joe

Got kids home from school? PE with Joe is a great workout that the whole family can do together. No equipment required and perfect for all levels of fitness. Joe or ‘The Body Coach’ runs these sessions 9am daily on his YouTube channel, and you can go back through the playlist to do past workouts too.

A-Space Meditation

It’s definitely an unsettling time, so if you need a moment to breathe and ground yourself during the day A-Space has live meditation sessions, mindful dance classes, psychology lessons & more on their Instagram page.

Fitness XO

HIIT from home with Fitness XO. If you’re looking for a great sweat sesh to start the day, Fitness XO is offering free live classes on Instagram. These workouts are particularly great if you’ve got a set of weights at home.

Sometimes it can be hard to get motivated to workout at home, so it’s a good idea to get into a routine. Try and set a time each day to do your exercise, or set a specific type of exercise for each day, for example, Mondays for pilates, Tuesdays for HIIT, Wednesdays for running etc.

And with all this time at home, it could be a great opportunity to try something new. There might be something on this list you’ve never heard of that could end up being your new favourite, so why not give it a go?

Stay fit, stay healthy and stay home!

30 March 2020


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