Being prepared well before you go into labour can help make the situation easier, when the time comes!

The last thing you want to be doing is trying to pack a bag and remember what you need, as you breathe through contractions.

When you’re packing, make sure you have your blood group card, any medication, Medicare and your private health information, also include anything you want in the birthing suite, like a massage ball, music, TENS machine or your favourite pillow. Pack lightweight and comfortable clothes, including a dressing, comfortable nursing bras, and slip on shoes or thongs. Don’t forget plenty of nursing and maternity pads as well as your normal toiletries. Now for the fun stuff, packing for your new arrival.

For hospital, think about packing six grow suits, cotton singlets and bunny rugs, two pairs of mittens, booties and one hat can also come in handy.

It’s also a good idea to bring baby wipes and a mild baby soap with you.

Many parents just use warm water for bathing their baby, but it’s a personal choice.

Preparing mentally for labour is also important. Take some time for yourself to think through a few different scenarios.

Do you want pain relief? And is so, what sort of pain relief?

Do you want an active labour – walking around and staying upright as much as possible?

How do I feel about intervention? Induced labour and caesarean section?

But even the best laid plans can change very quickly when you’re in labour so it’s important that you keep an open mind.

For the safety of you and your baby we’re here to talk all these options through with you – there are no stupid questions.

Birth plans can be great because they get people thinking about different scenarios and what may happen. It gets them thinking about maybe what they would like or what they wouldn’t like. We just ask that they be understanding that things don’t always go to plan, but discussing those plans with your healthcare provider can be really helpful.

Labour and babies themselves don’t always go with our plans, and sometimes they have other ideas so it’s good to know that that can happen.

You can find more support via our Mobile Midwife.

Pack your hospital bag

09 September 2020


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