The birth of your baby is an enormous event, not just for you, but for your partner too.

Many partners describe feelings of insecurity early on because the baby is so dependent on you, they might sometimes feel like a third wheel.

The best way to keep on top of any feelings like this is to keep talking. Good communication can make a big difference. It’s also a good idea to discuss maternity and parental leave options well in advance.

There are some simple ways to help everyone settle in. Start by finding some jobs or simple tasks your partner can do to bond with the baby.

For example, bathing the baby, and getting up early after a feed so you can sleep in and they can spend some quality time with your newborn. When it comes to intercourse, it’s usually fine again about six weeks after giving birth, however not every women is going to feel ready, physically or emotionally. It’s important you listen to your body and have an open discussion with your partner.

Remember, there are lots of ways you can be intimate with your partner and stay connected. Start slow, and be patient with each other. Your lives have changed enormously in a short space of time.

Make time for each other to discuss things other than your baby.

So, a partner can support by putting a load of washing on, making sure that mum’s hydrated, taking the baby for a little bit and going for a wander around together.

You can find more support via our Mobile Midwife.

10 June 2020