At Epworth HealthCare, we encourage men to pursue a nursing career, with a variety of specialty and leadership pathways.

By actively promoting diverse role models, we provide a wider range of cultural backgrounds to care for our patients, their families and the community.

We recently took some time to speak with some of our nurses at Epworth Geelong to find out why they chose to be a nurse and why they chose Epworth.


Barrie Smart - Acting Nurse Unit Manager, 5 East

"I got into nursing because I like the humanity side of things plus I was really good with body systems at school. I had the opportunity to travel to the UK and work in nursing, which I really enjoyed.

I decided to work with Epworth, as it has a really good reputation. There are lots of educational opportunities and various options available for career growth."


Sam Taranto - Associate Nurse Unit Manager, DOSA

“I chose nursing because I wanted flexibility in my job, which nursing provides in an abundance. also wanted to work with people and be involved in the community around me.

I came to Epworth for my grad year, almost 5 years ago now, and I’ve been here ever since. I chose Epworth because I grew up in Geelong. It was really nice to see another hospital had come in and I wanted to be part of it. For our grad year, everyone chooses hospitals that align with their values and Epworth was easily the closest to mine.”

Moses Pulop - Associate Nurse Unit Manager CCU, 3 East 

“Coming from a very poor background, the main reason I choose nursing was because I wanted to give back to the community with my life, my skills and help as much as I can. It gives me great joy to do that.

Epworth holds a lot of values that are important to me too. The main things are, how community based we are and we are very good at reaching out to people and showing compassion.”


Richard Adler - Equipment Nurse, ICU

“Nursing was recommended to me by a friend when I finished my career in finance. It's been a great move, helping people, it's one of the best things ever.

To sum up why I chose Epworth, good reputation, close to home and what a beautiful building.”


Marlan Villareal - Registered Nurse, 5 West

“I choose nursing because nursing is all about the patient, it's a career that helps you save lives.

I choose to work at Epworth because they care about providing staff with the support and flexibility they need to drive in our growing, fast paced environment.”


Daniel Siv – Associate Nurse Unit Manager, Anaesthetic and recovery

“I chose nursing because I love people, I love interacting with people and I like caring for people. Nursing ticks all those boxes for me.

I chose Epworth because it really aligns with all my values, it makes working for Epworth really easy.”



Fraser Jepson – Registered Nurse, 4 East

“I always wanted to do something in the health field and I knew a few nurses through sport that I played, while I was at high school. I thought nursing would be a great thing to get into, because it’s a career that could lead to working in different cities or countries. So, I got into nursing and loved it ever since.

I was a local Geelong boy, I came to Epworth as a student on placement and loved it from those few weeks I had here, so I applied, got a grad year here and have been here ever since.”

Luke McMartin – Associate Nurse Unit Manager, ICU

“I can’t tell you why, I almost went into nursing straight out of school, then I did a different public health degree before completing my nursing training.  I was just drawn to a career in nursing. Seemed like it would be enjoyable.

When the hospital opened in Geelong, my wife and I wanted a bit of a sea change. We saw the opportunity and took it.”

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09 November 2022