Fortunately, Robyn’s recent stay at Epworth Freemasons was vastly different to three previous, unexpected times in hospital.

“I had a ruptured brain aneurysm in 2008 which led to a stroke, another aneurysm in 2009 and a third in 2016,” Robyn says.

“I spent two weeks in hospital each time; both my mother and grandfather died from aneurysms.”

This time, Robyn’s hospital admission was planned and she was up and about just one day after her surgery, being a proud, tough country girl from Gippsland.

“I had a gastric bypass, which has been on my mind for years to have.”

“I used to smoke cigarettes but when I quit smoking I took to eating. I used to be 76kg and played netball; before the surgery yesterday I weighed 104kg.”

Robyn, 58, has tried everything to lose weight, without success.

“I have tried a lot of diets, which work for a while.”

“I work in childcare and I couldn’t get down on the ground with the kids all the time.”

“My granddaughter hit it on the head – she said you’re getting too big, go on a diet and I told her I’ve tried them love, they don’t work for me.”

Dr Nicole Winter did the surgery, with six keyhole spots. I went in around 9am and I was up moving around at 4pm. I go home tomorrow.”

Robyn says having the surgery was about looking after her physical and mental health.

“I’ve been through a lot but now I’m on the way back up. I want to be around for my grandkids, play sports with them and run around a bit more.

“I work full time, I’m studying for a Diploma of childhood education and care, I look after my father who lives with us and my house is so clean, you can eat off the floors.

“I am doing this for myself, not anyone else. I am going to Bali at Christmas and I want to look good. I want to feel good on the inside too. I get so upset when I see a nice piece of clothing and they don’t have my size.”

She is looking forward to getting back into her “baby”, a red Mustang once fully recovered enough to get into the low-slung car.

Robyn will be on liquids for the next month before moving on to puree foods. She is committed to following all the post-surgery instructions so she can enjoy life to the fullest.

“Everyone at Epworth Freemasons has been so helpful, they can’t do enough for you, especially nurse Gemma – she’s a gem,” Robyn added.

26 July 2023