• Part A - Documentation

    Please forward the following documents:

    1. Clinical Elective Application Form (PDF, 172KB)
    2. Home Institution Approval and Certification Form (PDF, 96KB)
    3. Confidentiality Agreement - Medical Students (PDF, 240KB)
    4. Supporting insurance documents
    5. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
    6. Passport photo
    7. Vaccination record

    Postal Address:

    Epworth Clinical School
    Epworth HealthCare
    Box 126
    89 Bridge Road
    Richmond VIC 3121

    Email: [email protected]

  • Part B - Application Payment and Placement

    Step 1 - Application Fee

    An invoice will be sent for a $200 AUD application fee, prior to processing your application if there are any available.

    This deposit is non-refundable and does not guarantee an elective placement.

    Step 2 - Upon success of your application

    If your application is accepted, a letter of notification will be forwarded to you and a placement fee of $800 along with a $200 AUD administration fee for a 4-week elective becomes payable.

    Step 3 - Upon receipt of the placement fee

    A Letter of Offer will be forwarded to you, confirming your placement with Epworth HealthCare.

    All up-to-date supporting insurance documents must be submitted to the school prior to the placement commencement.

    No clinical electives will be processed if these requirements are not met.


    Epworth Clinical School

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: +61 03 9426 6125