Key facts:

  • 25,000 oncology treatments provided at Epworth last year
  • 45,500 oncology bed days in the last 12 months

When someone receives a cancer diagnosis, it is usually the worst day of their life. The rest of the appointment with their specialist often becomes a blur. Numerous questions then follow. On World Cancer Day, four of our leading Epworth specialists answer some common questions about cancer, in this first episode of our exclusive new series Ask us anything.

Specialist breast cancer surgeon Dr Chantel Thornton, gastroenterologist and therapeutic endoscopist Associate Professor Andrew Metz, urologist Professor Nathan Lawrentschuk and Haematologist Professor Miles Prince share their thoughts on the many questions they receive from patients.

Questions include:

‘What are pancreatic cancer survival rates?’;
‘Is my breast lump cancer?’;
‘What new blood cancer treatments are there?';
'What cancer research trials are available?’;
‘Can you cure cancer?’;
‘Can I survive cancer?’;
‘What is targeted cancer therapy?’;
'What advances are there in blood cancer treatment?’ and
‘Is my penis length normal?’

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Ask us anything - Cancer