Key facts

  • Cardiovascular disease makes up 5.1% of all hospitalisations in Australia
  • Cardiac care commenced at Epworth HealthCare in 1981
  • More than 6,000 cardiac procedures were performed at Epworth in 2022

Ask us anything - Cardiac - Martin Hiscock

An Epworth cardiologist is using Heart Week to urge people to not think they are immune from the risk of a heart attack or cardiac arrest.

In the latest episode of the Epworth exclusive series ‘Ask us anything’, Associate Professor Martin Hiscock says people shouldn’t be complacent and the good news is the death rates from heart disease are falling.

“We are seeing less mortality from cardiac disease because treatments and investigations are better, and people are smoking less” A/Prof Hiscock said.

“The main thing is to just get a check up. It is a simple thing to do with many places doing health checks and they might uncover something.”

This episode looks at the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, when people should call for an ambulance if they are experiencing chest pain and advice on how to lower your risk of a heart attack.

We also cover the importance of cardiac rehabilitation.

You can submit your health questions to shape future episodes of Ask us anything.

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