Epworth Camberwell has become the first hospital in Victoria to trial a new medication blister pack recycling program.

The trial, through the Banish Recycling and Disposal (BRAD) Program, will turn used blister packs into window frames and soft surfaces for playgrounds.

“We’re excited to be the first hospital in Victoria to be involved with this initiative to help reduce single-use plastic waste across our sites,” said Suzie Hooper, Director Clinical Services, Epworth Camberwell and Rehabilitation and Mental Health Sustainability Committee Chair.

Now, all medication rooms at Epworth Camberwell have a dedicated recycling bin to collect empty blister packs.

“We implemented this program only two weeks ago and already the bins are full across our wards. It’s great to know items will be recycled into new products and won’t end up in landfill,” Suzie said.

Through the BRAD program, empty blister packs are collected and sent away for recycling, where they go through a grinding process, reducing the product into a fine dust. In this process, plastic and aluminium naturally separate and they can be reused, keeping blister packs out of landfill and giving them a new life.

The aluminium is used to make window frames and the plastic is used to produce soft surfaces in playgrounds.

If the trial is successful, it will expand across Epworth.

Banish is an Australian-based organisation providing Australians with the tools they need to reduce waste and support the ecology.


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