Epworth’s commitment to outstanding patient care can be traced back to Matron Ethel Gray.

In 1920, she set the foundation of patient care at Epworth. She was a patient advocate, tirelessly argued for better accommodation and medical equipment, and established nurse training programs to ensure patients received the very best care.

The generosity of Epworth donors helps enable several support services are available for our patients, including:

Patient transfers to Renal Dialysis

Patient transfers to Renal Dialysis in Geelong is taking dialysis patients between home and the hospital for treatments. Patients tell us they appreciate the friendly relationships that form with the reliable and caring volunteer drivers, as well as the significant cost savings.

“The transport opportunity is something we can do to support patients with the burden of traveling three times per week to treatment for dialysis. Many of our patients are elderly and unable to drive and this is often a difficult burden for families to support.” - Ingrid Stirling, Nurse Unit Manager

The Wig Salon

The Wig Salon provides wigs for patients who have lost their hair after cancer treatments. A professional hairdresser helps to fit patients with a quality wig, and shows them how to apply scarves and other headwear. Epworth Medical Foundation donors fully fund the service which includes a gift bag with a scarf, wig, and other accessories.

“Looking in the mirror and seeing you are bald can be so confronting, particularly for women, and a reminder of just how sick you are. Many are overwhelmed when they learn that the wigs are free. It’s rewarding to watch them walk out looking like they can conquer the world.” - Natalie Salvo, cancer survivor and Wig Salon volunteer

Accommodation for patients and their families at Epworth Richmond

Accommodation for patients and their families at Epworth Richmond philanthropy has funded the purchase and renovation of a unit near Epworth Richmond, The Hope and Tony Saba Family House, to support patients from country areas who need long-term treatment or hospital stays at Epworth. This initiative reduces the financial burden on patients and their families.

“Having family support is important for patient recovery, but for some, the cost is just too much to bear. Being apart at a time like this can have a negative impact on both the patient and the wider family. When I say we can help with accommodation the looks on their faces are wonderful.” - Christine Bouras, Social Worker, Epworth Richmond

Perinatal Bereavement Program at Epworth Freemasons

The Perinatal Bereavement Program at Epworth Freemasons supports families who have experienced the unexpected and devastating loss of their child. Whilst Epworth midwives and obstetricians provide exceptional care in hospital, the program enables additional support for families via written resources, contact with our midwifery team outside of hospital and sessions with a specialised psychologist.

“I really felt like there was more we could do to support parents who unexpectedly lose their child. I had a patient recently who saw the psychologist we referred her to. She found it incredibly helpful and felt she was in a much better place than what she’d expected to be after losing her baby. - Stephanie McArthur, Registered Nurse/Midwife at Epworth Freemasons

Harpist in Hospital program at Epworth Richmond and Epworth Freemasons

Our Harpist in Hospital program at Epworth Richmond and Epworth Freemasons sees talented harpist Christine Middleton visit wards and play music to calm and soothe patients and staff. Christine was inspired to provide this service to others after seeing how it helped her mother before she passed away at Epworth Richmond.

“I could see that the music was making a real difference to my mother by providing a high level of comfort and solace. The gentle notes make the perfect background soundscape, non-disruptive but present enough to elicit genuine feelings of calm, something which is really important in a hospital environment.” - Christine Middleton, Volunteer Harpist


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