Epworth HealthCare spinal surgeons are being aided by a new digital robotic platform, effectively giving them an extra set of hands in theatre.

Epworth Richmond is the first hospital in Australia to combine the CIRQ robotic surgery arm with Brainlab spinal navigation.

Currently, Epworth surgeons can use Brainlab navigation to plan the operation with millimetre-accuracy, based on the patient’s scans and images.

Brainlab then provides the surgeon with a visual guide to drill into the patient’s spine and insert screws from DePuy Synthes on the pre-planned trajectory, while watching a navigation screen.

With the CIRQ digital robotic arm, real time planning will occur in the operating room. The robot will then move into the right position, acting as a guide for the surgeon to insert screws into the spine.

The system will be used for surgery including cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and pelvic procedures.