Epworth Eastern and Newlife IVF have reached a milestone with the partnership’s 1,000th IVF baby being born.

The IVF unit partnership, between Epworth Eastern Ekera and Newlife IVF, opened four years ago, on 28 October 2019.

Ashley Wheeler, Executive General Manager, Epworth Eastern, says it’s fitting the 1000th baby and the unit’s 4th birthday are so close together.

“Being able to offer such a wonderful gift of life over the last four years is truly heartwarming,” Mr Wheeler said.

“Our partnership with Newlife IVF is incredibly important in providing health services to Melbourne’s growing east and south-east.”

Jess Spencer is 20 weeks pregnant with her third Epworth Eastern IVF baby, with husband Tim Power.

The couple’s first daughter Evie was born at Epworth Freemasons in September 2020 and Emily arrived in March 2022.

Jess said it’s very familiar territory.

Dr Chris Russell was my Fertility Specialist obstetrician for Evie and Emily,” Jess said.

“He has moved away from obstetrics and is now my fertility specialist at Epworth Eastern.”

“From IVF, through to the births of our girls at Epworth Freemasons, Epworth has been amazing,” Jess said.

Newlife IVF Fertility specialist Dr Russell is pleased to be helping Jess and Tim again.

“It’s immensely rewarding to help any patient achieve their dream family, but to help Jess and Tim have three babies in quick succession has been fantastic,” Dr Russell said.

“To be part of the Newlife IVF team responsible for 1000 babies in our first four years, really highlights the excellence that we are aiming for and achieving at Newlife IVF and Epworth Eastern.”

Jess and Tim are the first parents to have a third Newlife IVF pregnancy. Their baby is due to be born at Epworth Freemasons in March 2024.


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