Epworth Freemasons major redevelopment is nearing completion, its four new operating theatres, along with clinical trials and simulation zones will cement it as a world-class cancer treatment and medical education precinct.

“It gives our inpatient and day patient facilities all under one roof, it allows us to do medical imaging, radiation oncology and all of our services together,” Executive Director Freemasons Nicole Waldron said.

The 15 month long development includes a 300 space underground car park, multi-storey precinct with medical suites with 360 degree views.

There will also be four new operating theatres, new consulting space, day oncology unit , 12 in-patient beds and centres for clinical trials.

“We’re looking at employing another 40-50 theatre nurses and opportunity for all of our staff and doctors to really look at what it is that is leading edge,” Ms Waldron said.

Those patients really front of mind for the nurses caring for them.

“It’s a rollercoaster, there’s so much uncertainty so having them feel that they are welcome in a brand new space its physical but it has a lot of impact on their emotional journey as well, “Nurse Unit Manager Colleen O’Hara said.

“We provide chemotherapy, lots of unusual drugs, and a lot of clinical trials.”

While the main building should be ready by the end of the year, the 25 metre deep car park will take further construction but is nearing completion.

“We’ve all been watching from afar but to be able to touch and feel and see, we’re not that far away, “ Ms Waldron said.


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