Epworth HealthCare is collaborating on research to help advance women’s careers and leadership within healthcare.

The National Health and Medical Research Council will provide two million dollars for this research, involving Epworth and three other health services from the Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre and Monash University.

The research aims to promote gender equity in healthcare leadership, optimise career goal attainment and improve the quality of working life for women in healthcare.

Dr Lachlan Henderson, Group Chief Executive Epworth HealthCare, said Epworth is proud to be collaborating on the research to improve the leadership path for women.

“Epworth is an employer of choice for many women and we are committed to the ongoing support and promotion of women within our organisation,” Dr Henderson said.

Of all promotions at Epworth, women are awarded 83% of the appointments, including 62% of management promotions and 65% of new manager roles.

“This important research will help us better understand any barriers to women advancing their careers and guide us in ways to address them.”

The research will aim to address gender-based barriers, organisational constraints and culture, conscious and unconscious bias, discrimination and the lack of role models that perpetuate inequity and do not relate to individual capability.


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