Scholarships enable our staff to be their very best and provide world class-care to our patients.

Sophie is a speech pathologist who cares for patients with aphasia and their families. Aphasia is often the result of a stroke or brain injury and affects a person’s ability to speak, communicate feelings, thoughts and emotions, the ability to understand what others say and also impacts their reading and writing skills.

In 2019 Sophie visited the Aphasia Institute in Toronto, where she developed a whole new set of skills that she brought home to Epworth to share with her colleagues and incorporate into her patient care.

It was a life-changing experience for Sophie – and her patients.

The scholarship gave me the most incredibly eye-opening and career changing experience. It allowed me to learn new skills that are not only vital for me as a speech pathologist, but extremely valuable for my patients, their family and friends. I’m so thankful for this incredibly eye-opening and career-changing experience.
Sophie Clark
Speech Pathologist and scholarship recipient

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