Epworth HealthCare has stepped in to provide care and support to residents at St Basil’s Aged Care at Fawkner where 86 people have been affected by a COVID-19 outbreak.

Epworth is proud to be part of Victoria’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nicole Waldron, Acting Group Chief Executive, said Epworth has agreed to assist in providing clinical advice, support and care to a cohort of St Basil’s residents and their families.

“Last Friday, Epworth’s Chief Medical Officer, Luis Prado, led a team of staff sent to St Basil’s,” Ms Waldron said.

“Across the weekend, 14 residents from the St Basil’s were transferred to Epworth Richmond. These residents are receiving care in a dedicated isolation ward.“

Epworth has communicated to a designated family member or carer of each our residents and kept them informed regarding the movement of their loved ones. We remain in regular contact with families and continue to provide regular updates.

A dedicated Resident Liaison Officer is on hand at Epworth Richmond, so nominated family and carers have direct access to information about their family member.

A number of residents transferred from St Basil’s to Epworth are from our Greek and Italian communities. To make the transition more comfortable, Epworth has translated information and welcome messages into Greek and Italian and placed this information in the rooms of residents. Residents can access in-language media such as news services and audio books via Epworth’s Point of Care system, an interactive in-room touch screen entertainment and information service.

Ms Waldron said Epworth staff are providing ongoing support at St Basil’s.

“A team of our clinical staff has been seconded to St Basil’s to work with the St Basil’s team to provide nursing care, guidance on the use of personal protective equipment, isolation principals and supporting the provision of ongoing safe care.”


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