State of the art virtual windows are one of the new features in the updated Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Epworth Eastern, installed to support patient recovery.

The refurbishment of the ICU is the latest stage in the $162M redevelopment of Epworth Eastern. New patient wards, day oncology, and endoscopy units have already opened, along with new operating theatres – including a $2M hybrid theatre for cardiac, thoracic, vascular and minimally invasive operations.

Pauline Fogarty, interim Executive General Manager, Epworth Eastern, said staff are excited by the opening of the expanded ICU.

"After months of tireless dedication and collaboration, we are thrilled to be able to care for patients in the unit," said Ms Fogarty.

"The expanded and modernised ICU features four additional beds, including a dedicated negative pressure room.”

Immersive digital screens in each patient room, donated by the Epworth Medical Foundation (EMF), serve as virtual windows – providing calming images, that can even include family photographs.

Natasha Ciampoli, ICU Nurse Unit Manager at Epworth Eastern, said the interactive screens can help reduce delirium, and improve the well-being of patients.

"We understand the transformative power of a healing environment that caters to the unique needs of our critically ill patients," Ms Ciampoli passionately explains. "The cutting-edge digital screens in our ICU rooms represent a ground-breaking development. By harnessing advanced technology, we enhance the patient experience while mitigating delirium and nurturing a profound sense of connection and engagement."

Dr Zia Ansari, Epworth Eastern ICU Director said it's not just patients who benefit from the redesigned ICU.

“We also prioritise the well-being of our dedicated healthcare professionals,” said Dr Ansari.

"The Level 2 Arnold Wing ICU redevelopment creates a more supportive work environment, addressing challenges such as lack of natural light and excessive noise levels. This enables our staff to provide exceptional care, while maintaining their well-being."


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