Epworth cardiac surgeons are now using the MiraQ Cardiac Ultrasound for coronary artery bypass grafts (CABG) for coronary stenosis patients.

“The MiraQ is a hand-held ultrasound probe designed to assess blood flow in newly constructed bypass grafts,” says Professor Silvana Marasco, Epworth Cardiothoracic surgeon.

The benefit of this particular ultrasound is that it provides the team with immediate feedback on the quality of the surgery, and provides the quickest and most accurate assessment of success, all while the patient is still in the operating room.

The MiraQ Cardiac Ultrasound represents Epworth’s commitment to ensuring patients receive treatment using the latest equipment and technology.

“The MiraQ doesn’t replace any previous equipment. We really had no other way of reliably assessing graft patency in the past, and relied on the surgeon’s visualisation of the graft.

“It has revolutionised our ability to check our grafts prior to chest closure. If there is any problem identified with the graft then it can be revised immediately, avoiding potentially catastrophic complications in the postoperative period.”

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