A new surgical microscope has enabled an Epworth eye specialist to restore sight to a woman who lost half her vision.

The technology, a generous donation from Epworth Medical Foundation, enables doctors to operate with extraordinary precision.

Mornington Peninsula grandmother Jenny Evans’s sight started deteriorating late last year, a mysterious fog disturbing her ability to see.

“It was quite traumatic.. it became difficult to drive or even do household chores. It was like a fog and eventually my sight got worse, “she said.

Fortunately Jenny was among one of the first patients to undergo an operation using a new surgical microscope at Epworth Freemasons.

The Lumera 700 microscope delves deep into the eye, giving surgeon Elvis Ojaimi a cellular view and enabling him to perform microscopic repairs.

“In real time it enables me to see things in real time that I cannot see with my own eyes,” Dr Ojaimi said.

The $500,000 piece of technology helped Dr Ojaimi improve the tear in Jenny’s macular and give her crystal clear sight.

“Her sight was actually back to over 100 per cent vision,” he said.

“It was amazing the difference after the surgery, I had my eyesight back, if not even better than before, “ patient Jenny Evans said.

“The medical team were remarkable. If anyone is thinking about the operation then come and make an appointment – anything is possible.”

Eye surgery with this amazing technology means Jenny can now drive again and it’s a lot easier for her to watch the grandkids.

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