"I got so excited that I was jumping around the lounge room and landed awkwardly"
Mary Camilleri, a devoted Collingwood AFL fan, is gearing up for the opening round of the 2024 AFL season, after an unexpected setback during last year's grand final victory left her sidelined for five months.

Mrs Camilleri, an avid supporter of Collingwood, watched the thrilling 2023 AFL Grand Final at home with friends, while her husband and two sons cheered on their team at the MCG. In the excitement of Collingwood's triumph, she found herself leaping for joy in her living room, only to suffer a leg fracture.

"I got so excited that I was jumping around the lounge room and landed awkwardly," Camilleri recounted.

Despite the pain, she chose not to spoil the celebratory mood for her husband and sons, who were enjoying the city's celebrations after the game.

"I was sore, but when my husband rang to share the excitement of the win, I didn’t tell him what happened, as I wanted him and the boys to stay in the city to celebrate," she revealed.

The following day, Camilleri's discomfort escalated, prompting a visit to the emergency department at Epworth Richmond. 

Scans confirmed a fracture, and she was fitted with a leg brace. However, her recovery journey took an unexpected turn and led to the need for knee replacement surgery, performed by her surgeon, Associate Professor Marinis Pirpiris.

Undeterred by her challenges, Mrs Camilleri underwent rehabilitation. Now, she is ready to passionately cheer on Collingwood in their opening game against the GWS Giants.

As the 2024 AFL season kicks off, Camilleri's triumphant return serves as inspiration for fellow fans, proving that nothing can keep a Magpie supporter down for long.

PIC: Mary Camilleri with her husband Ron, son Matthew and daughter Joanne.