Epworth Eastern has recently introduced updated Rotapro technology, through the generous funding of donors and Epworth Medical Foundation. This new Rotapro device enables advancement in treatment of patients with severe coronary artery disease (CAD).

The newly designed Rotapro technology supports the targeted treatment of heavily calcified complex CAD. The updated Rotapro device features a unique diamond-coated burr and streamlined device delivery system, which helps modify heavily calcified plaque that is refractory to standard coronary angioplasty procedures. This capability helps achieve positive outcomes and stent results in otherwise recalcitrant and complex coronary conditions.

Associate Professor Kean Soon and Dr Chris Lim, interventional cardiologists at Epworth Eastern, successfully collaborated to perform the first procedure using this new technology. Both cardiologists were instrumental in their advocacy for the introduction of the updated Rotapro at Epworth.

Associate Professor Kean Soon said, "This update helps us deliver highly tailored treatments, significantly enhancing patient outcomes. The update device design represents a substantial leap forward to manage complex cases involving heavily calcified coronary lesions. The system has drastically improved efficiency and safety to improve cardiac care."

Dr Chris Lim, is equally enthusiastic and he shared his firsthand experience, stating, “This latest iteration of rotational atherectomy delivers improved system efficiency and reduces complexity that should benefit our patients.”

The successful collaboration between Associate Professor Kean Soon and Dr Chris Lim in performing the first procedure with the updated Rotapro is an important milestone in the delivery of interventional cardiology services at Epworth Eastern.

The support of donors and Epworth Medical Foundation has been crucial in bringing this technology to the hospital.

Ashley Wheeler, Executive General Manager Epworth Eastern, expressed his gratitude to our donors and the Epworth Medical Foundation for their support. “We are committed to delivering the great care to our patients and we are always looking to innovate to ensure we continue to improve patient outcomes.”

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