The energetic team at Viridian Advisory has collectively walked 100 million steps in July, raising $38,000 to support pancreatic cancer research at the Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre at Epworth.

Pancreatic cancer is a cause close to the hearts of the Viridian Advisory team. Together, every step taken and every dollar raised will support an education and awareness campaign for GPs, encouraging earlier diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, giving patients the very best chance for a positive outcome. 

On average, a pancreatic cancer patient sees their GP three to six times prior to diagnosis. As symptoms of pancreatic cancer are often non-specific and common symptoms of a range of other upper gastrointestinal conditions, the distribution of a pancreatic model to GPs seeks to keep the pancreas at the forefront of GPs minds.

“Supporting a program such as the GP model distribution makes a key difference right at the first line of diagnosis and we expect to see a trend towards more early diagnosis which gives people the very best chance,” reflects Scott Bulger, Executive Director Epworth Medical Foundation and Brand.

As a not-for-profit hospital, it is the generosity of our community, from supporters like the team at Viridian Advisory, that enables Epworth to focus on finding the best outcomes for all patients. 

“We are so grateful that Viridian Advisory chose to support the Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre at Epworth.”

“Initially, their goal was $20,000, so to nearly double that is a remarkable effort which speaks to the passion and dedication of the Viridian Advisory team.

“Their support will make such a difference to the work of the Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre as we seek to educate and inform the GP community as we focus on earlier diagnosis for patients with pancreatic cancer.” 


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