Inpatient facilities

For more information on what to expect as an inpatient at Epworth Clinic download our patient admission booklet.

A private room with ensuite

As an inpatient, at Epworth Clinic, you will have your own comfortable room with personal ensuite. The rooms are fitted with modern furnishings ensuring privacy, safety and comfort.

Dining room

A communal dining room is open at all meal times and we encourage you to eat your meals here so that you can interact with other patients.


A laundry room is provided on-site to do your own washing. Where possible, it is important that you engage in your usual everyday activities while learning to manage your symptoms. 

Lounge room

A communal lounge room is available with TV, board games, books and other activities. 

Your program

As an inpatient, you will have an individualised treatment plan created specifically to meet your needs. 

Throughout your stay, you’ll attend daily inpatient therapy sessions which focus on areas including:

  • skills for managing anxiety and depression
  • nutrition and mindful eating
  • relapse prevention
  • mindfulness practices
  • exercise programs
  • sensory group
  • creative therapies 
  • discharge planning.

Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic tests, such as pathology, and other relevant assessments are conducted on site as required. 


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