Neuropsychiatry is a clinical subspecialty that concentrates on the intersection between psychiatric disorders and neurology. 

The service offers a multi-disciplinary model that includes Consultant and Registrar Neuropsychiatrists, Neurologists, Nurse Practitioner and other allied health clinicians as clinically indicated.

The Epworth Clinic Neuropsychiatry service is located at Epworth Richmond and is a clinical service stream of Epworth Clinic mental health services, concentrating on assessment, diagnosis and management advice.

Epworth Neuropsychiatry team

  • Professor Mark Walterfang – Neuropsychiatrist
  • Dr Andrew Evans – Neurologist
  • Dr Sarah Farrand – Neuropsychiatrist
  • Professor Dennis Velakoulis – Neuropsychiatrist 
  • Julia Segal – Nurse Practitioner

Referring to Epworth Neuropsychiatry service

Clinical referrals should be sent to the Epworth Clinic Consultation Liaison Service.

Email: [email protected]


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