The FND program has two distinct pathways. The first is an in-depth specialist assessment. For those who are deemed clinically appropriate the second part may result in a referral to our outpatient therapy program or to external pathways. 

To be referred to our program you must have an existing FND diagnosis that has been made by a Neurologist or Neuropsychiatrist. The Epworth FND clinic is not a diagnostic clinic but rather an assessment clinic. 


The assessment clinic is conducted by a specialist FND team including a Rehabilitation Physician and Consultant Neuropsychiatrists alongside an Epworth Rehabilitation Allied Health clinician specialising in FND.  The initial assessment will cover your current and historic medical symptoms and experiences to help inform what future interventions or therapy might be appropriate.


The FND program has two separate funding contexts. The first is for the initial assessment and will attract an out of pocket cost not covered by your private health insurance but will attract some Medicare rebate.  

The second cost is for anyone who is deemed appropriate for referral to the outpatient program. This program may be covered by private health insurance but this will be dependent on your level of cover. Some insurance may attract an out of pocket expense or co-payment. You will be contacted before being booked in for the initial assessment so you are aware of what your insurance may cover and what out of pocket expenses might be charged should you decide to proceed. 

Further to this, should you have any follow-up or review appointments with the assessing doctors there will be further out of pockets for these appointments payable directly to the doctor. 

As the initial assessment is not covered by private health insurance please consider your own personal financial circumstances and ensure you’re happy to proceed with the initial assessment.  


Following your assessment, if deemed suitable, you may be referred to our individualised outpatient program with input from a Rehabilitation Physician and Neuropsychiatrist as well as Allied Health Clinicians. 

Should this program not be an appropriate option for you or if you have limited or no private health insurance (please see information above regarding costs) the clinic coordinator will contact your referring doctor and provide guidance on alternative community options to suit your individual situation.

Contact details

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact at 1300 345 600 or [email protected]