The Transitional Living Centre (TLC) is a facility in Thornbury that provides accommodation outside of hospital in a four-bedroom house or three self-contained units. In the TLC, rehabilitation staff help residents integrate into the local community by supporting them to re-learn everyday living skills in a real-life setting. These skills include budgeting, cooking, catching public transport and managing their own appointments.

Improving independent living skills

The TLC provides a real-life setting for residents who are recovering from a brain injury to experience situations and challenges that would occur in everyday life.

Accommodation and services The TLC is made up of a four-bedroom house and three self-contained units that are fully-furnished. The house is in Thornbury, close to public transport, a shopping centre, park, gym and post office.

The TLC is staffed by a skilled specialist team including:

  • allied health assistants
  • occupational therapists
  • psychologists
  • social workers

Who is the TLC program for?

The TLC program is for adults with acquired brain injury who want to improve their skills to a level where they can successfully reintegrate into the community. Some people may be referred directly from a rehabilitation hospital, others may have been living with carers and want to move away or live by themselves. The Transitional Living Centre is available for people covered by insurance including the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and  people with injuries that are not eligible for compensation.


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