What is Rehabilitation in the Home?

Rehab in the home provides home-based care and support in place of a rehabilitation hospital stay.

For eligible patients we will develop a rehabilitation program that meets your recovery needs and personal goals to get you back into familiar surroundings and on the road to independence sooner.

What are the benefits of Rehabilitation in the Home?

  • recovery in the comfort and privacy of your own home, with the support of health professionals
  • physical and emotional support
  • reduced strain on partners and carers
  • not having to travel for some medical appointments
  • getting home to family and pets
  • a greater sense of control over your recovery.

Who can access rehab in the home services?

Depending on your recovery goals, where you live, your health insurer and your doctors’ preferences, you can access rehab in the home services if you:

  • live in metropolitan Melbourne
  • are covered by private health insurance
  • are a TAC client
  • are a WorkSafe client
  • are self-funded and happy to pay out of pocket for appointments.

What services are provided by rehabilitation in the home

Depending on your personal circumstances and recovery goals, you may have access to:

  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • a nurse
  • a rehabilitation doctor.

We will complete a clinical assessment when we receive your referral to determine what services will be suitable for you.

Our team will visit you at home once or twice a week for several weeks, as needed.

They will complete a comprehensive assessment and provide treatment tailored to your personal needs to support your recovery and return to everyday life.

You might receive support with:

  • maximising your mobility, joint flexibility and muscle function through a home exercise program.
  • doing everyday activities in your home
  • aids and other equipment, if required
  • pain management
  • dressings and wound care
  • medication management
  • support with other medical concerns.


There are no fees for Rehabilitation in the Home, if you are eligible under your health insurance policy or funding provider.

If you are not covered under a health fund or other provider, you can pay for every visit upfront. Contact our team to ask for a quote or more information.

Please contact your health fund to discuss eligibility, contact our team or ask for a rehabilitation assessment while you are on the ward after surgery.

How to refer to or access Rehab in the home services?

Patients can be referred to RITH services by the hospital discharge planner, allied health team or the treating doctor.

If you are a current patient of Epworth, ask your treating team for a referral during your hospital stay.

A RITH team member will contact you by phone to arrange the first appointment.

Referring to rehabilitation services

Contact our RITH team via email on: [email protected]