The three key objectives of Epworth Allied Health Research are:

1. Pursue a program of research that supports the core clinical activities and strategic goals of Epworth HealthCare. Our three overarching research streams are:

  • Optimising patient outcomes
  • Identifying evidence-practice gaps and facilitate the generation of new knowledge
  • Translation of existing knowledge into day-to-day practice

2. Embed clinical research as part of everyday practice

3. Provide leadership and mentorship for the professional development of clinical and academic staff through research training and education.

Epworth Allied Health Research Partners

Epworth HealthCare has established relationships with a wide range of funding bodies and industry partners. We have long-standing success at obtaining competitive research funding from bodies aligned with Epworth's core areas of healthcare. These partnerships have been strategically developed to align with programs that have developed national and international reputations. 

Our team

  • A/Prof Gavin Williams - Physiotherapy
  • Michelle Kahn - Physiotherapy
  • Megan Banky - Physiotherapy
  • Bridget Hill - Physiotherapy
  • Liam Johnson - Exercise Physiologist
  • Natasha Weragoda - Exercise Physiologist
  • Jemma Keeves - Physiotherapy
  • Matt Wingfield - Physiotherapy
  • Mel Drummond - Speech therapy
  • Martin Checklin - Speech therapy
  • Margaret Mealings - Speech therapy
  • Pam Ross - Occupational therapy
  • Adam McKay - Psychology
  • Sara Aldous - Physiotherapy
  • Liz Moore - Physiotherapy
  • Edwina Sutherland - Physiotherapy

For further information please contact:

[email protected]



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