Vision and mission

The centre’s vision is to be a centre for excellence in blood cancer patient treatment and care.

Its mission is to deliver better outcomes for blood cancer patients, through provision of the very best care, access to innovative personalised treatment options and clinical trials, and leading clinical research and academic programs.

Key activities

Led by Epworth Haematologists, Prof Miles Prince AM and Dr Costas Yannakou, the centre has four integrated haematology portfolios: 

  • Academic haematology and education – The Centre supports the training of the next generation of clinicians and researchers. Haematology registrars are the future of blood cancer management and care, and it is essential to invest in them. In the future, through our developing CAR-T expertise, these experts will educate the first generation of CAR-T specialists in Australia.
  • Molecular Oncology and Cancer Immunology (MOCI)Under the leadership of Professor Miles Prince, and facilitated by the support of the MOCI research program, the MOCI team delivers cutting-edge genomic testing, a variety of investigator-initiated studies, and contributes to nationally recognised blood cancer clinical data registries and meaningful research through membership with the Australasian Lymphoma Alliance (ALA). The registry data supports benchmarking of clinical care for Epworth patients and informs the Australian experience of blood cancer management. 
  • Haematology Clinical Trials (industry-sponsored studies) – Under the leadership of Dr Costas Yannakou, Director of the Haematology Clinical Trials Unit, and the support of the clinical trial team, they are delivering 22 active clinical trial treatment options for patients with blood cancer at Epworth, with 11 in the development phase. Since 2017, over 78 patients have received care through an industry-sponsored haematology clinical trial program at Epworth.
  • Cell Therapies – Under the leadership of Professor Miles Prince, and with the generous support of the Snowdome Foundation, the co-branded Epworth Centre for Immunotherapies and Snowdome Laboratories was established in 2021. The Centre will enable Epworth to become only the second private hospital in Australia to deliver autologous stem cell transplants, complex immunotherapies, and ultimately expand the availability of CAR T-cell therapies to patients.


The Epworth Centre for Immunotherapies and Snowdome Laboratories was made possible through a partnership of the Epworth Medical Foundation and Snowdome Foundation. 

Core Team

  • Prof Miles Prince AM, Medical Director MOCI, Clinical Haematologist Haematology Clinical Trials
  • Dr Costas Yannakou, Deputy Director MOCI, Director Haematology Trials
  • Sherryn Bowker, Business Operations and Innovation Director
  • Dr Connie Barlas, Manager, Haematology Clinical Trials
  • Dr Nicole Brookes, Research Program Manager
  • Karen Sadler, Specialist Haematology Nurse Coordinator
  • Lindsay Scudder, Haematology Educator – cell therapies 
  • Hayley Johnston, Laboratory Manager

Clinical Trials/Studies: Please read the overview of our current haematology clinical trials and research studies at the Epworth Centre for Immunotherapies and Snowdome Laboratories.

For further information:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 03 9426 0555