The Patient support fund is the holistic care of our patients and ensures that our commitment goes beyond the exceptional clinical care that is provided to them each and every day.

In addition to the Ethel Gray Benevolent Fund the Epworth Medical Foundation proudly funds a number of patient support programs:

  • Harp Service
  • Volunteer Driver Program
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Family Accommodation
  • Patient Activity and Entertainment Materials
  • Patient Hygiene Packs  

To express your interest in funding for a patient program or service for a maximum for a maximum of a 12 month trial-period please submit you will be required to submit a proposal form. You will be required to:

  • overview the components of the program
  • develop a plan to implement
  • 12 month budget
  • outline plan to review at the end of 12 months

Questions can be directed to Dorani Lacey, Grants & Scholarships Manager – 03 9426 8170 or [email protected]


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