Epworth HealthCare is gearing up for a post COVID-19 lockdown baby boom.

Epworth Freemasons and Epworth Geelong have both seen a spike in maternity bookings in February and March next year, compared with this year.

Epworth Freemasons is expecting 272 births in February, up 20 percent on last February while in March that number will hit nearly 300, which is a 26 percent increase on the year before.

Simon Benedict, Executive General Manager, Epworth Freemasons said the post lockdown baby boom is exciting and that April 2021 is also shaping up to be busier than usual.

“Our midwives, obstetricians and paediatricians do an amazing job at Epworth. They love coming to work to care for our parents and newborns and see it as a privilege to be a present at such a special time in parents’ lives,” Mr Benedict said.

“2020 was such a tough year for so many people, so it will be lovely to see so many extra babies next year.”

Papa Xuereb, Nurse Unit Manager of the postnatal ward at Epworth Freemasons said this spike in the number of births early in the year is unusual.

“Normally, we see an increase in birth numbers in September and October,” Ms Xuereb said.

“The booking numbers show there is definitely a post lockdown baby boom happening at Epworth in 2021 and we can’t wait.”

The maternity experience at Epworth offers each family enjoy a private room and ensuite, gourmet meals prepared onsite by dedicated chefs and a four-night hospital stay to make the most of the added support and expert knowledge offered by our midwives.

Patients are welcome to have their partner or support person stay with them in the postnatal ward and the Epworth x Park Hyatt Melbourne experience is also on offer to those who are given approval from their doctor, subject to hotel availability.

Epworth Geelong is also expecting a baby boom, with maternity bookings for February 2021 up 50 percent on this year. March 2021 maternity bookings have increased 38 percent on 2020.

Meanwhile, our Epworth Freemasons maternity team has been through its own baby boom in recent months.

A number of midwives and Epworth staff have given birth to their own babies and been looked after by their own colleagues at Epworth Freemasons. The high standard of care, private rooms and the trust they have in their colleagues made it an easy decision, when choosing where to have their babies.