Patients and their families inform everything that we do at Epworth. By listening to our patients, their families and members of our community, we can improve the quality and safety of the care patients at Epworth receive.

We encourage members of our community to become Consumer Advisors and join the Consumer Advisor Committee (CAC) at Epworth and help us to improve our services and delivery of care. The CAC informs our strategic decision making and governance at Epworth.

In 2020, Helen was looking for a way to give back, after numerous interactions with Epworth over the years so she joined Epworth as a Consumer Advisor and member of the Consumer Advisory Committee.

"Becoming a Consumer Advisor was a great opportunity for me to blend my professional experience in communications and marketing, with my desire to ensure the experience at Epworth, is as good as it can possibly be”, says Helen.

Kieu was inspired to become a member of the Consumer Advisory Committee to provide “diversity of thought and fresh eyes to support the direction of fundamental projects and initiatives at Epworth”.

One of Kieu’s highlights was participating in the co-design of the new 3-year strategic plan, Epworth 2025.

Ross is a Consumer Advisor and founding member of the CAC.

Ross appreciates that the committee is provided with opportunity to “encourage and improve the degree to which Epworth engages with its patients, their families and carers with the aim of continually improving over time.”

Epworth is currently seeking members of the community to join our Consumer Advisory Committee.

If you are over 18 years of age, with a strong commitment to improving patient and consumer experience and partnerships, we would love to hear from you. Having a lived experience of any of our services, either as a patient, family member or carer, is highly valued, but not essential for these roles.

Read more information and apply here. Applications close 8 January 2022.

Consumer Advisors who are already on the Consumer Advisor register are welcome to apply. Applicants who are not already on the register will need to join the Consumer Advisor register if they are successful.