Pictured above: Dr Amanda Richards performing surgery on a patient’s voice box using the Zeiss microscope.

Epworth donors have enabled the purchase of a new Zeiss microscope, ensuring Epworth is one of the first hospitals in Australia to have this state-of-the-art microscope in theatre to treat patients.

This highly advanced microscope will provide Epworth surgeons with greater magnified vision to perform Ear, Nose and Throat, Urology and Plastics surgery.

For Dr Amanda Richards, Ear Nose and Throat Otolaryngologist, the Zeiss microscope is particularly important when treating a patient’s voice box.

“The voice box itself is a tiny organ,” says Dr Richards.

“Often, the growth I need to remove from a patient’s voice box is only one or two millimetres in size, and despite this, it can cause the patient significant problems”.

Dr Richards reflects that one of the key things about this microscope is that it has brilliant optics and is easy to move around, helping her to complete a surgery as smoothly as possible.

“I am able to get a super high-definition picture. I can move the microscope around with great ease, zooming the picture in and out to give myself the perfect angle to see the voice box.”

“I can magnify the vocal folds to a point where I am able to make tiny movements that in fact look huge on the screen. In reality, they are the smallest of movements.

“There’s no doubt that this is the most finessed microscope I have access to – I absolutely love it.

“I’m really grateful to our donors that have enabled the purchase of this new microscope. Your generosity means the world to us and our patients.”

Philanthropy Report 2021

In the latest edition of the EMF Philanthropy Report, you can see how the generosity of our supporters has helped Epworth provide the very best care to our patients. In this issue:

  • EMF Directors George Stamas and Cathi Biddick welcome arrival of new equipment to Epworth.
  • Expanding the cancer ophthalmology service
  • Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre at Epworth launches
  • 2,000 patients treated in La Trobe Financial Cardiac Catheterisation Unit

...and much, much more!

Read Philanthropy Report 2021 (PDF, 1.8MB)


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