1. Triage
  2. Our highly trained triage nurse will take a brief history and assess the vital signs; a triage category is assigned according to urgency of the medical condition.

  3. Registration and fees
  4. Our clerical staff will record and confirm your personal details, and ensure we have up-to-date details for your GP for follow-up of your emergency visit.

    They will also discuss the fees payable for attending our private Emergency Department.

  5. Emergency consultation, investigation and treatment
  6. We will begin assessment, diagnosis and treatment of your medical emergency as soon as possible. You may be consulted in our fast-track area, or a designated cubicle space, depending on patient activity.

  7. Admission
  8. Your treatment will continue as you are transferred to a ward at one of our hospitals or sites across Melbourne and Geelong, depending on your specialist, and bed availability.

  9. Discharge home and follow up
  10. You may be discharged from the Emergency Department after assessment and treatment. We encourage you to plan follow up after your emergency visit with your treating emergency doctor.

    This may be a:

    • scheduled review in the Epworth Emergency department to chase test results or check wounds
    • planned GP visit
    • outpatient specialist appointment.

New symptoms? Worried?

Return to Epworth Emergency Department for a medical review.

Emergency attendance fee is generally waived for reviews within two weeks of initial presentation, if related to your medical condition, at discretion of staff.


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