At Epworth, we care.

We care about our patients and our people.

We care about career development and progression, and nurturing potential.

We care about innovating; staying ahead of the field.

We care about providing staff the support and flexibility they need to thrive in our growing, fast-paced and ever-changing organisation.

Staff scholarship

EMF Grants hub

The Epworth Medical Foundation (EMF) is committed to investing in the development of Epworth employees and accredited VMOs, providing in excess of $3 million of funding for internal grants every year. 
Research and innovation

Research at Epworth

We are committed to fostering research that will improve healthcare and enable our patients to access the latest medical treatments.
Professional development

Education and training

These educational opportunities are open to health professionals from every discipline and contribute to continuing professional development at Epworth.
Volunteer with us

Volunteering at Epworth

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